Welcome to Playworks
out of school club based in Shafton, Barnsley

Playworks is unlike nursery or school. We work to Playwork Principles meaning that staff observe and monitor children and young people's play encouraging them to take ownership of their play space and freely access all materials and equipment allowing play to be controlled and driven by them. Playworkers endeavour to enhance play whenever possible by responding to a play cue, offering advice or suggesting a resource that could allow a play idea to grow, extending exploration. Play is paramount, it is a child's universal language. Their club enables choice and inclusion. It is their time to relax, socialise and discover different types of play at their leisure. Playworks provide a hall full of play spaces, catering for all ages and interests. We have sole use of an enclosed external Astroturf pitch and make use of the public park situated next to our building.

Key workers support children aged 3-6 years, who are on the EYFS register. Individual development activities compliment school curriculums, we liaise with local schools and parents and carers working to the seven areas of learning. A learning journal is created recording learning and development through play, it includes: key worker planning, activities, next steps, observations, and photographs.

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Opening Times

Breakfast Club – 07.30 - 09.00
After School Club – 15.15 - 18.00
Summer Holiday Club – 08.00 - 18.00

 You can find details of the sessions here.



A safe, fun and educational environment

Playworks are extremely proud of our Ofsted report and welcome you to read it at your leisure 

Playworks provide a high quality service to meet the individual needs of our users.  We welcome any advice, suggestions or comments to enable us to work together to provide an excellent childcare service that children and young people will look forward to attending.

Playworks offer a large variety of activities and play opportunities for children and young people to extend their knowledge and understanding.  We work with external organisations and individuals who add to our programme of events, educating and inspiring children and young people to try new things through challenge and exploration whilst learning to manage their own play and risks.

Playworks staff are of the highest calibre, as they continually work to the best of their ability through in-house training and support, formal training, and most importantly by listening and responding to you, our users.
All staff hold at least one level three in Early Children's Learning and Development or Playwork, they hold an enhanced DBS certificate, and are up to date in their knowledge and understanding in safeguarding, paediatric first aid and food hygiene. We assure the highest quality of care for your child.

Mission Statement

Playworks aim to provide a high quality service to our children and their families. We work with them as our partners, as well as external organisations and the local community ensuring our provision delivers the best possible care, access and inclusion. By working together we will provide an excellent childcare service that children will look forward to attending. We offer a large variety of activities and play opportunities for children to extend their knowledge and understanding through play and social interaction. We have high expectations of all children and draw on our subject knowledge, parental information and industry experience to engage, challenge and inspire every child. We aim to help children learn transferable skills that will support them as they progress through life. Our ethos is for them to become independent and able to direct their lives confidently, being in control of their own decisions and actions, knowing they have a voice and are valued for who they are. A strong child will aspire to become a successful, autonomous adult.

Children and families who have experienced barriers to access are welcome to discuss their individual needs with us. Wherever possible Playworks will train staff to support the needs and abilities of a child. Every effort will be made to accommodate, include and support all childcare requests as long as they are within current legislation. Our setting is Ofsted regulated; we are proud to be judged as an OUTSTANDING setting. Playworks staff are of the highest calibre. We continually work to the best of our ability through accredited formal training, in-house work shadowing and training, and by working with BMBC Early Start department, as we keep abreast of local topics, changes to regulations and current childcare methodology. But, most importantly, by listening and responding to you and your child, our valued partners.



Playworks comply with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulations, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Our Privacy Notice clearly explains why and how we use personal information, and gives options of how and why we might contact our parents and carers. Please be assured that any details that are disclosed to us remain confidential and are used for the purpose for which they are intended.
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